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Chef Martin Lopez Judging the Bite of Seattle Venues, with Univision in toe. Watch out for more from this year's Bite of Seattle. 

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The Crazy Duo

Chef Martin Lopez has had the great honor to MC and Host many food events over the years with Chef Casey Shiller. Not only that, but now they are teaching together at one of the best Culinary School in the USA. Forest Park Community College bring all your baking and culinary dreams a reality.

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The Feed

Guacamole Loco

GUACAMOLE BOTANERO LOCO Summer is the time for good guacamole... Check out Chef Martin making this amazing "Guacamole Botanero Loco" with his friends from Great Day St. Louis KMOV TV 4 Guacamole Botanero Bar Ole’ Ole’. Summer gatherings are upon us and so are ripe, delicious and healthy avocados. This year, let’s try something different, fun and super creative with a Guacamole Botanero Bar using guacamole as the base for an interactive self-serve bar that allows your guests to choose from a selection of toppings and meats. Bright, colorful, fun and so tasty, it’s an interactive way to please all your friends as they will have a plethora of ingredients to choose from. Just think of a s

The other side of the Tortilla

“Tortillas de Colores” Makes about 12 tortillas Flavored Tortillas, are original and delicious and making fresh homemade tortillas at home its easy! We all know corn tortillas are accompanied by almost all meals in Mexico, made from nixtamalized corn, a preparation where the corn is cooked with lime to potentiate its nutrients, normally all you need is 2 cups of masa corn flour, ½ teaspoon of salt and 1 ½ cups of water to make the masa dough. But what about if we center the spotlight and attention to the corn tortilla and add flavors and ingredients creating colors and bring the tortilla as the main dish? Fun, right? The colors and flavors are endless as you can create your favorite flavors,

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