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Classic Mexican Cinnamon Churro
  • Classic Mexican Cinnamon Churro

    Quality Mexican panaderia bakery products easy to bake at home.

    Classic bakery mixes made extraordinary with our best quality ingredients and skilled culinary ability for you to use at home.

    Choose your flavor from this superb line up, the perfect beginning to the day, a soothing side with your coffee and your best dessert for guests.


    Additional ingredients you will need: 

    3 Cups of boiling hot water 

    Vegetable oil for frying 

    Flour for dusting 




    1) Bring the 3 cups of hot boiling water and Chef Martin’s Churro to a mixer bowl with paddle attachment, mix for 30 seconds on low speed, scrape and then 1 minute on medium speed. 

    2) Put some of the dough in the pastry bag with the pastry tip provided and Extrude dough to form the churros on a flour dusted sheet tray creating the 6-inch-long churros. 

    3) Fry at 350°F degrees for approximately 3 minutes. 

    4) Remove from fryer and drain, then roll in cinnamon sugar mixture. 

    Serve warm and eat immediately. 


    • Quantity

      Churro mix 1lb./ 4oz Cinnamon Sugar.

      Comes with plastic pastry bag and metal star tip.  

      Makes 12/6 inch Churros. 

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