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Clay Jarritos

Clay Jarritos

Since the ancestral times and in different states of Mexico, craft pieces are made in different shapes and sizes.  There are a great variety of pieces and in among these, the famous “Jarritos”.  The different uses the jarritos can provide have transcended from generation to generation for hundreds of years among Mexican families and have gotten world recognition.  The clay is so versatile that its use can be for hot or cold and thus still deliver its unequable taste. 

The clay jarrito can be utilized to serve hot beverages such as; hot chocolate, coffee, tea, fruit punch, etc.  Can also be used for cold beverages such as; “agua-fresca’ (Mexican fruit mix beverage), sangria, margaritas, etc. With this, you will deliver not only a special and unique taste but also a special touch to your décor.   


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