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Mexican Hot Chocolate Kit

Mexican Hot Chocolate Kit

This kit contains both, the bowl in the shape of a sphere and and the jarritos.  The bowls origin dates back to over 5,000 years.  These come in various different sizes and are typically used for the elaboration of meals and beverages. 

Traditionally the smaller bowls tend to be used for making hot chocolate, coffee, milk and coffee, among others. 

Because of the very high temperatures of the materials in which these are fabricated, the preparation of food or beverages can therefore be cooked at very high temperatures due to its resistance to the heat.  Lets not forget about the added and delicious flavor that cooking in clay delivers. 

Mexican cookware has received world recognition and among many of these pieces, the famous "Jarritos".  The different uses the jarritos can provide have transcended from generation to generation for hundreds of years among Mexican families.  The clay is so versatile that its use can be for hot or cold and thus still deliver its unequable taste. The clay jarrito can be utilized to serve hot beverages such as; hot chocolate, coffee, tea, fruit punch, etc. Can also be used for cold beverages such as; “agua-fresca’ (Mexican fruit mix beverage), sangria, margaritas, etc. With this, you will deliver not only a special and unique taste but also a special touch to your décor.

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