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Organic Chili Lime Fruit Seasoning

Organic Chili Lime Fruit Seasoning

Our Organic Chile Lime Fruit Seasoning is hand blended from spices, lime juice powder, Anaheim chile, red bell pepper, sea salt and citric acid.


Chef Martin Lopez version of “Tajin” - Chile Lime seasoning for fruit cups.


In general, chile and lime flavors are so crucial to Mexican cuisine that most fruits and vegetables are thought to be essentially naked without the touch of this particularly delicious trio. Add salt, and it's a trifecta of perfect flavors. If the brightness of a squeeze of lemon or lime juice is enough to make fruits and vegetables taste exceptionally delicious, the addition of chile and salt makes for a singularly unique eating experience, one Mexicans have come to recognize as necessary for nearly all snacks made up of fruits or vegetables. We wanted to develop an organic version of this seasoning for our customers who are on the lookout to try new things but prefer to shop organics. As we continue to increase our inventory of organic products, we will also continue to develop new blends to showcase this inventory and offer you the best spices on the market.

There are so many ways you can enjoy this Mexican seasoning but here are a few of the most popular ones in Mexico: Mango, Oranges, Pineapples Watermelon, Fresh coconut, Jicama, Membrillo  (fresh quince) Elotes – Street Corn Asado (Grilled corn) or Boiled, or simple on the edge of a drink or a cocktail glass.

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