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The casserole is considered one of the most antique bowls and it is a precursor to the plate.  It is diverse in designs and shapes and each one of these can be well known for its specific use. 

The smaller ones are typically used for salsas, horse-oeuvres, spices, or simply for decoration. 

In our catalog we offer two different designs, one circular and the other rectangular. 

The process for elaboration is the following:  First the clay stone is collected from the mine.  It is then cleaned by removing herbs and other stones the clay might have.  Once the clay is cleaned, it is processed through the mill by adding water.  It is worth mention that the taller the pieces are in production, the stronger the clay must become.  Subsequently, the clay-dough is uniformly worked and placed on a lathe for production of the pieces.  The pieces are then gradually cooled as to avoid cracking.  From there, the pieces are enameled very carefully to avoid breaking.  Then finally the pieces are cooked between 8-10 hours at a temperature of approximately 1,000° C.  After that, they are left to slowly cooldown and the pieces are then ready for use. 

The small or large pieces can be used for cooking as long as these pieces are cured before use.  This is done, to achieve excellent results  for cooking meals. 

The clay salsera must be cured before its first use by following the next simple steps:

  •  In a container large enough to fit the salsera, pour cold water and submerge it to stay underwater overnight. 
  • Remove from container and dry with dry towel.  Once dry, rub one clove of garlic on the interior and exterior surface.
  • Place the salsera on the stove, pour vinegar and allow it to come to boil.
  • Dispose the vinegar, allow it to cool and wash by hand.  Do not use the dishwasher. 
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