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Single Region Mexican Organic Coffee Whole Bean 16 oz
  • Single Region Mexican Organic Coffee Whole Bean 16 oz

    Grown at high altitudes in the rich volcanic soils of the beautiful Coatepec and Oaxaca regions in southern Mexico, this delicious Organic Mexican coffee flourishes under the nourishment and protection of nature. The weather is tropical and very humid, lending the perfect conditions to encourage slow maturity in these delicious beans that becomes enriched with flavor. The cloud cover protects the coffee trees from excessive sunlight, and the canopy of fruit trees shields the coffee beans to keep the microclimate cool. Each plantation is tended to by Mayan farmers who cultivate the coffee cherries without the use of pesticides or other chemicals and also use the best organic practices and environmentally sustainable farming procedures. 
    Since this coffee is a Fair-Trade product, the farmers and their communities also benefit.
    Just in case you were wondering, altura means ‘heights.’ Mexico’s southern mountain ranges, this varietal exemplifies its lofty name. 
    Roasted in small batches and packaged in a protective 5 mil bags -- Includes CO2 degassing valve
    air-tight seal to preserve the freshness and quality, these beans brew a smooth, righteously high-caliber cup and feature a nutty flavor reminiscent of silky, honey roasted hazelnut with chocolate tones.
    Mexican Altura is sure to shoot you to the heights of coffee heaven!
    Seasonal flavors will be available.

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