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Stone Molcajete

Stone Molcajete

Stone mortar best known as molcajete.  Its origin goes back to the prehispanic era more than seven thousand years ago.  Its name comes from Nahuatl  Mollicaxtli and Temolcaxitl, which mean cajete for salsa.  Its main element is volcanic stone. 

To date, there is no blender or food processor that achieves the same flavor and consistency as the molcajete.

It is a Mexican artistry for grinding and crushing spices, chiles, garlic, and other food related items.

The curing of the molcajete is required before use.  This can be done very simply by pulverizing seeds into it and then rinsing them with fresh water until the water comes out clear.  Once the water runs clear, it is ready for use. 

The molcajete is an important tool that is used in today’s kitchen. 

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