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Terracotta Comal

Terracotta Comal

Basic kitchen utensil in Mexico and other countries in America.  It is utilized since the prehispanic era.  Originally it was a disk made of clay which was placed over three stones and in the inferior part you would find the embers of fire.

It is considered one basic piece in the Mexican history of gastronomy.  Although in the course of time the materials of the comal and the sizes have diversified, the principal material by its origin continues to be clay.

It is utilized to cook or reheat tortillas, toast seeds, roast peppers, toast tostadas, prepare quesadillas, etc.

The clay comal must be cured before its first use by following the next simple steps:

  •  In a container large enough to fit the comal, pour cold water and submerge it to stay underwater overnight. 
  • Remove from container and dry with dry towel.  Once dry, rub one clove of garlic on the interior and exterior surface.
  • Place the comal on the stove, pour vinegar and allow it to come to boil.
  • Dispose the vinegar, allow it to cool and wash by hand. 
  • Do not wash in the dishwasher!
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