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Corn has been a source for life in the history of Mexico since the prehistoric times and of course the palm tortilla warmer basket cannot be the exception.

It is made by artesian Mexican handcrafters.  The palm tortilla warmer is a basket woven from palm leaves.  The tortillas are wrapped in a cloth napkin to keep them warm and then placed in the palm tortilla warmer basket for additional heat protection and better décor presentation.

They are known for their strength and durability and also the lightest in weight in their kind, which makes them perfectly portable.

Tortillas made by hand using the blue or white masa from our store will become a great accompaniment to this palm tortilla warmer basket and a way to keep your tortillas warm.  It is small enough for corn tortillas, small flour tortillas, gorditas, bread rolls, pancakes, tortilla chips, and other small baked goods.


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