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Gluten Free Rice Crepes

Makes about 8 crapes

For a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner I like to fill crapes with wilted spinach, roasted peppers, scrambled egg, sautéed vegetables or go all the way out and served them as a dessert with Nutella, ice cream, berries or Mexican Cajeta!

The use of rice flour in this recipe make the crapes gluten free and they are easy to make as they require just few ingredients and they are simply delicious and stock them up to make a beautiful cake for a special event!


3 eggs

1 1/4 cups rice flour

1 cup dairy milk or you can also use almond milk

2 tablespoons orange flavored liqueur, orange juice, or sweetener

2 tablespoons melted butter

1 teaspoon butter, for the pan


Add all the ingredients in a large blender starting with the wet ingredients and blend for few seconds to make the batter.

Heat a nonstick pan and add 1 teaspoon butter, let it melt and cover the bottom of the pan with it using a brush, you won’t need to butter the pan each time, this is just for the first crepe. You can also spray the pan with a little none-stick spray if you wish to replace the butter.

Using a ladle, pour batter in the center of the pan and roll the pan from side to side to give the batter a round shape.

Cook it for 1 or 2 minutes or until the top of the batter has bubbles and it’s not wet any longer.

Flip it to the other side and cook for another minute. Transfer it on a plate.

Repeat the same steps until you finish all the batter.

Serve these rights after you make with various fillings.

Well wrapped crepes keep great in the refrigerator and simply warm them up in the microwave when needed.

Happy Cooking!

Chef Martin Lopez

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