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US in Lupus

Chef Martin Lopez has the pleasure of Partnering up with Us in Lupus for their Nourish event. Chef Martin will be doing a Demo as well as being a part of a discussion panel talking about how to manage Lupus flare-ups. Chef Martin will be discussing how to eat to prevent flare-ups. We will Keep you posted on any and all up and coming events as soon as possible. 

Happy Cooking~


The National Pork Board

Chef Martin Lopez is proud to be a Brand Ambassador for The National Pork Board. Look out for all Chef Martin's posting about Healthy Lean Cuts of pork like pork chops and ribs. Chef Martin puts a Mexican twist to these American Favorites. While also showing you the best way to cook healthy this summer! Please visit  and follow them on all social media @NationalPorkBoard @PorkEsSabor 

Grilled Pork Loin & Plantains with Cilan
posting #14 chuleta ahumada (option 3)
Posting #15 Pork Loin salsa jitomate(opt
pork tend med pasta
Chipotle Grilled BBQ Pork Loin (opt 2)
pork loin fideo (1)
Lomo de Cerdo Al Aire (1)
cilantro and lime pork chop
Marinated pork tenderloin w oran
NPB #4

Mexico Lindo

Mexico with a new complete Culinary Journey!

Discover Mexico Lindo Cooking School!

Soak in the Cancun’s sun, the waters and not only eat the amazing organic authentic Mexican foods but learn how to prepare them with the Mexican Master Chef Alejandra Kauachi

Mexico Lindo Cooking School is a complete experience in a traditional authentic kitchen sharing the best of Mexico´s rich heritage and culture.

Stay tuned for Chef Martin Lopez's upcoming classes visiting Mexico and Chef Alejandra visiting the USA.

Kokomo Joe's 

Kokomo Joe's Is the ultimate Family Fun Center for kids and adults. Our wide variety of activities is fun for all ages! Enjoy time with your family in a clean and friendly atmosphere, locally owned and operated. 


Chef Martin Lopez has Partnered with Kokomo Joe's to bring the Family fun not only in the games but the food as well. Coming Soon! They will soon be making all there Pizza doughs from scratch! FRESH INGREDIENTS FRESH TASTE!

Victoria Napolitano

Chef Martin is proud to partner with Luxury Magazines by The Victoria
Napolitano Group Beverly Hills and Victoria Napolitano Legendary
BY VICTORIA NAPOLITANO Hopelessly Romantic Media Productions
San Francisco, California VNSN.TV


Chef Martin only partners with the best high quality Brands and products. Chef Martin Lopez is glad to partner with Just Jan's. 

Just Jans Award Winning Tangerine Sriracha Sauce . 

Just Jans

Taco Rack

The "Home Series" are Designed to Revolutionize Taco Nights for your family!

"Chef Series" are the CHOICE of Top Restaurants, Caterers and Executive Chefs from around the world.

Visit their website and see why all kitchens should have these amazing tools to cook, display and serve tacos.

Chef Martin’s favorite and only Taco Rack!   

Chef Martin on set of Great Day

Read Chef Martin's articles and columns on the leading industry
Missouri Meeting and Events Magazine where he talks about food trends for the
hospitality industry professionals.


Adventures are a rhymey-good-timey story and recipe rolled into one.

There’s really no other children’s storybook collection that promotes healthy eating habits, fundamental learning opportunities and recipe building skills like Kitchen Club Kids. Plus, they’re fun to read! 

Kitchen Club Kids is an official sponsor of Chef Martin, and he is honored to showcase this amazing book series to the world. They highlight the best in early education, from reading, counting, and nutrition. 

Chef Martin has Partnered with Magnefuse for this years WWSS 2017. 


This pair of gloves is a hybrid – a blend between an oven mitt and a traditional five finger glove. It’s intended to allow you to be functional and fast in the kitchen. Since it is so easy to put on and take off, it will help prevent and reduce cross-contamination and help protect from cuts and burns.


Alfredo and Caterina are husband and wife who stumbled upon a great idea and started MagneFuse LLC to launch The MagneFuse Magnetic EZ-On, EZ-Off Glove. It came about one day while Alfredo was cooking at the fire station. It was there that Alfredo’s love of cooking and natural practicality lead him to think of a much easier way to put on and take off gloves while preparing food.


As a fire fighter, Alfredo believes in safety and efficiency first. These key components inspired this invention. After several months of R & D, Alfredo and Caterina began on a proof of concept. They immediately knew that this glove would revolutionize the cooking industry. MagneFuse LLC was then formed and wasted no time beginning the patenting and prototyping process in the hopes of manufacturing this product, then selling it online, and eventually not only bringing it to retail stores everywhere, but into your home for your convenience.

Magnafuse Gloves great for baking

Hispanic Feastival INC

Chef Martin is proud and honored to partner with Hispanic Festival Inc. Creating "Altar in Movement"

at the St. LouisMissouri 

History Museum at Forest Park.  

Martell CM 1
martell 1

Chef Martin is a proud Counsel Member for Martell Cognac.

Chef Martin is proud to announce his preferred olive oil

The Olive Tree USA is a woman-owned business, based in New York, that specializes in trade with Israel.  Through their direct partnerships with highly esteemed and reputable producers in this region of the world, they are proud to offer high quality Organic, Kosher specialty foods to their valuable customers in the United States.

The Olive Tree USA has carved out a special niche in the market with their exceptional Ezuz Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Rich with ancient history, their distinctive and versatile Olive Oil will capture the interest and attention of home cooks to gourmet chefs after one taste.

Single-sourced from the Ezuz Olive Grove located in the Negev Desert, this unique olive oil is:


  • Cold-Pressed

  • 100% Pesticide and Fertilizer Free

  • Certified Organic by Agrior and USDA

  • Kosher Lemehadrin and Certified Kosher for Passover

  • Versatile and mild, can be used for sautéing, salad dressings, marinades, dipping, frying, and even baking


Ezuz is located on an ancient road that led to the Holy Land.  On this road are two ancient wells at which travelers would stop and drink while on their journey to the Holy Land.  One of these ancient wells is still used today to collect the rainfall that irrigates the Ezuz olive grove.

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