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Chorizo & Queso Fundido

Makes enough for 2 - 4 people

This queso it’s a classic!

Queso fundido is a Mexican appetizer that can be eaten with warm tortillas or tortilla chips.

If you are not a fan of chorizo you can blend in vegetables or other meats or even beans.

You choose the mix-ins!.


24 to 5 ounces cooked chorizo

14 ounces shredded Chihuahua or Quesadilla cheese

Non-stick cooking spray


Cook your chorizo first and set aside to drain the grease over paper towels.

In a microwave-proof dish, grate the Chihuahua or Quesadilla cheese and microwave at intervals of 30 seconds until mostly melted. Stir if necessary to heat evenly.

Spray a little non-stick cooking spray in a small oven-proof crock (an individual-size soup crock will hold half this recipe and is what I typically use and make a second serving). Pour the melted cheese into the crock. Add half the chorizo and fold in gently.

Set your oven broiler on low and place the crock at least 6-8 inches from the flame. Heat for about 5-6 minutes or until the cheese bubbles and gets brown spots. Be sure to use a pot holder or oven mitt to remove the crock or oven-proof dish from underneath the broiler.

Place the crock or dish on a trivet and serve with warm tortillas to make tacos or hearty tortilla chips if you want to serve it more as a dip.

Note: the cooking spray is completely optional; I like to use it because it helps a lot with cleanup and getting all the cheese out of the dish before it makes it to my sink.

Discover Mexican cheeses and taste the flavor!

Chef Martin Lopez

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