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Chilled Lemon Soufflé / Cake filling

Makes one cake or 8 servings


1 ½ Tablespoon gelatin

9 large eggs, separated

8 Oz. granulated sugar

Finely grated grind and juice of 1 lemons

¼ cup of orange liqueur

8 Oz. of heavy whipping cream


1-Place the orange liqueur and lemon juice in a double boiler to warm up and add the gelatin to dissolve to create a smooth liquid substance. (Set to the side)

2-Whisk the egg whites until they’re so stiff that you can turn the bowl upside down without the mixture running out. Whisking the whites first means that you can use the same whisks without having to wash them in-between, as the whisks need to be grease free for the whites to reach full volume. (Set to the side)

3-Whisk the heavy whipping cream until it forms soft peaks. (Set to the side)

4- Place the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl and whisk in a tabletop mixer, until the mixture is thick, creamy and very pale yellow in color. (Set to the side)

Now, at this point you should have ready…

-Your gelatin warm mixture.

-Whipped to hard consistency egg whites.

-Whipped heavy cream.

-Whipped egg yolks and sugar.

Now it’s all about folding all your creams to create one solid mixture.

Start by adding your warm gelatin mixture into your yolk and sugar mixture.

Followed by folding this to your whipped egg whites and then fold in your cream and finally fold in the lemon zest.

Spoon or pour the mixture into the prepared ramekin dishes, or cake mold depending what your making

Place soufflés or cakes in the fridge to set for at least 3-4 hrs or overnight.

Serve with berries, spring of mint or sweet biscuits.

Chef Martin Lopez


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